Steve's Perfection Painting
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Testimonials in Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas


What People Are Saying About Steve's Perfection Painting

"We hired Steve to do a big job. He painted the inside of our house and we are very satisfied. He's a good painter, good on edges and doesn't leave a mess. I have already recommended him and I believe he was hired for that job. His workmanship is good and he offers fair prices."

- Carl K.

"Steve does a marvelous job. I hired him last year to paint the interior of my 3 bedroom house that I was selling. He even painted the closets this job took him about a week to do because he did the work himself. The garage floor was a mess, so I asked Steve if he would clean it up and he did. It was so clean, I even over heard a woman who came to see my house say that the garage floor was so clean she could eat off of it. Steve is honest, dependable and I would recommend him. If I could use him again I would."

- Illene H.

"Steve painted the outside of my home and he was excellent. I can't say enough about Steve, he's a nice gentleman to begin with. I used to work as a secretary for a painting company and he followed every single rule. He did not leave one drop of paint on the gravel or around my home. I have already recommended him to several people because I am very happy with his work. I am a woman who lives alone and have no fear of having him in my home. He also offers fair prices."

- Mary S.

" Very meticulous and a perfectionist. He did custom painting in my front den with multiple and very bold colors, you have to see it to appreciate it. The thing I was most impressed was that he did it in a decent amount of time, there no smudges between colors and he's very clean. When he says perfection in Steve's Perfection Painting he means it. He also painted a back bedroom for me as well as the siding, wrought iron fence, and other work outside of my home. If there's a painting job I need done I call him. I have also told people I know to use his services because he does just about all types of paint work."

- Lillian T.

"Steve has done two very significant jobs and I'm very impressed with his work. I'm 91 now and been around the block for a long time, he's the best painter there is. I live in a senior community and I know he has done quite a bit of painting work around here. He's very meticulous, very clean and presents himself well, very gentlemanly. When he comes to work he's non-stop. The last painting job he did for me was painting the exterior of my house with Greek colors, blue and white. He does a beautiful job, he's very careful and picks up after himself. He's number one in all aspects."

- John P.